Ask the MTA | NYC Marathon service, Penn Station access and security cameras

Runners during NYC Marathon on Verrazzano Narrows Bridge
The 50th running of the TCS New York City Marathon on Sun., November 7, 2021. MTA Bridges &Tunnels personnel at the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.
Marc A. Hermann / MTA

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Q: I’m running in the upcoming New York City Marathon and wanted to know if the MTA will be enhancing subway service for people heading to the starting line. Rick. S., Morningside Heights

A: The 6, G, and J lines will be running enhanced service on Marathon Sunday, as they have been for a while as part of service increases made possible in the 2023 NYS Budget. 6 trains are operating every six minutes for part of the day on weekends instead of every eight, while headways on the G and J lines have been reduced to every eight to nine minutes, down from every 10-11 minutes.

On race day, subway station agents will be on hand to answer any questions and provide directional support to runners – walking around mezzanines, turnstile areas and platforms, assisting with fare payment, and monitoring safety and cleanliness throughout stations. 

On Marathon Sunday, we try to avoid doing construction work near the marathon route that can cause delays. Riders can check the MTA website for service changes and status before they travel. – Demetrius Crichlow, NYC Transit SVP, Head of Subways 

Q: Are there any more planned community meetings happening in the Bronx to discuss Metro-North Penn Station Access? Dave R., Co-op City

A: We know how important community input is at every step of the process, especially for a project of Penn Station Access’ scale and impact. As such, representatives from  Metro-North and MTA Construction and Development will be presenting information at two upcoming Bronx Community Board meetings, on November 6 (CB 9) and November 8 (CB 10). 

The City Council and Department of City Planning are also hosting a series of meetings on their rezoning efforts in the borough. The next workshops are scheduled for Oct. 16 and Oct. 18. 

Details included here:

Joe O’Donnell, Director of Public Affairs, MTA Construction and Development  

Q: Are all 472 subway stations equipped with cameras on the platform? How about onboard trains? Charlene M., Flatlands

A: Cameras are a vital part of the MTA’s safety strategy. To date, we’ve installed more than 11,600 of them in subway stations across the system, including on platforms, mezzanines and in fare payment areas. Efforts to add coverage inside every subway car in the fleet by 2025 are well underway, thanks to a major investment from Governor Kathy Hochul. Riders can feel comfortable knowing we’ve got their back for their entire journey, from fair gate to exit gate. – Pat Warren, MTA Chief Safety and Security Officer